Build, Deploy and Monitor computer vision applications and systems.

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Dori Platform Overview

Dori brings the power of deep learning to the next generation of AI enabled intelligent devices. With Dori, you can easily benchmark, deploy, and monitor ML models across various target deployment hardware while enabling a tight feedback loop to your training infrastructure.

Enable rapid application development.

Platform specific optimized models and benchmarks.

Seamless heterogeneous hardware deployment.

Concept/data drift detection and anomaly detection.

Platform Features

Robust Model Store

Select platform specific optimized pretrained models or customize your own model.

Model Traceability

Minimize errors through extensive benchmarking; tag and version control each model and dataset.

Developer Friendly

Interface via intuitive SDK/APIs, development tools, and interactive dashboards.

Cross Platform Deployment

Automate deployment across heterogenous hardware fleets, environments, and infrastructure.

Application-Aware Anomaly Detection

Calibrate key metrics between benchmarking and monitoring to detect model/data anomalies.

Enterprise-Ready Security & Governance

Leverage state-of-the-art algorithms and security processes to protect your model and data IP.

About Us

We set out to simplify the problem of productizing artificial intelligence and machine learning models. The productization has been slow in previous years due to lack of unified frameworks, tools and infrastructure. Most enterprises lack the knowledge and expertise to build a scalable solution to enable ML models to be productized. This is the problem and opportunity that Dori was founded on.

Led by a serial entrepreneur, we are a group of system engineers, data scientists, technologists, futurists, and more. Building intelligent systems that improve the lives of millions of people gets us energized.

We are hiring!!

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We are headquartered in San Francisco, CA and excited to hear from you.

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